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Lesson Learned

Something post-worthy happened today.. ahh. So, let me explain--

Today, I got to Breda by train (where I attend church every Sunday) and decided to walk to the church instead of taking the bus. I was over half way there and next thing I know, this old guy with white hair pulls up in his car next to me. He was speaking Dutch to me, and was waving me over to him. I went up to the window to see what he wanted and he kept saying "kerk, kerk" (church in Dutch) and was pointing in the direction where the church is. He had dress pants on and to myself I began thinking.. maybe he is in my ward and I just don't remember his face... since there are a lot of different people, some that I haven't fully met yet.

Then this other guy walked up to see what was going on. He had heard me saying I couldn't understand what the old man was saying to me.. So, the younger guy told me that the man in the car is saying that he can take me to the church. He was like, I don't know if you know this guy.. but that's what he is saying.

So, me being the trusty Utahn that I am.. I was like, "alright whatevs" and I got in. He kept speaking to me in Dutch and I just kept trying to get him to see that I didn't understand what the heck he was saying. Then.. he freakin put his old man hand on the outside of my leg and tried to go up my skirt. I smacked his hand off instantly and at first, I thought.. am I sitting on something of his? What the crap is this dude doing? Then he stopped in front of my church, THANKFULLY, and said something else.. then he did the same thing again! By this point, I knew I wasn't sitting on something of his.. Filthy pig. I got out of the car and slammed his door shut and he drove off.

First of all.. I'm so freaking lucky that this was ALL that happened. Second... lesson learned! Even though this is something that you learn when you are 4 years old.. to never get in the car with someone you don't know, dumb Sami.. I was definitely far too trusting. Moral of the story: Samijo.. 18 years old.. finally learned today never to get in the car with a stranger. Stranger danger dude... what were you thinking, dough-dough head!! What a freakin creep.

Crazy eh?

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