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My journey to Vegetarianism

I have made it! In my slowly but surely transition into being Vegetarian, I can now say that I am officially at least an Ovo-Lacto-Semi-Vegetarian :)

Here is the quick and very basic explanation.

As of now, I do not eat any red meat or pork. Me being an Ovo-Lacto-Semi-Vegetarian.. I do still eat egg, dairy, chicken and fish.

I'm happy with my success on my journey thus far.

There are many reasons why I have been wanting to become a life-long Vegetarian. Here are only a small bit of them..
  1. I am one of those girls who will easily cry or get really upset while watching what they do to poor animals just so humans can eat them.
  2. I don't like the taste of red meat or pork as it is.
  3. I consider myself an extremist in keeping the environment and the world around me clean and beautiful.
  4. Being Vegetarian is spiritual for me. Through my studies, I have found that in the LDS religion, if you keep the Word of Wisdom, it not only will keep your body healthy (just as vegetarianism does)... but the vegetarian way of life that I've been looking into can be compared to a lot of the guidelines in the Word of Wisdom. Moderation in all things.
  5. I'm learning that I love the feeling of control in my life. Being vegetarian is a way for me to take my own control and have fun with trying new things and a complete new way of life.
Before I came to the Netherlands... I didn't know CRAP about cooking, or even a healthy nutrition for that matter. Quite honestly, I've lost weight like crazy because of this. I've lost weight in a way that I thought was healthy, but really I've come to find that my body is just malnutrition-ed.. (I guess you could say). It has been a great learning journey for me and not an easy one to say the least. But as I've been learning so much, I'm happy to say that this is a new beginning for me in my life and it is what is working out best for ME personally.

I haven't decided how many of the words before 'Vegetarian' I want to someday cut off just yet.. who knows, maybe one day I will be straight up Vegan? But for now, I am okay with not knowing and simply being where I'm at now. Success!

Over and out bloggers... the sun is shining bright in Tilburg today, I hope it is for you where ever you are in the world as well! Enjoy :)

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