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Queen's Day

This day.. I found out is NOT the Queen's birthday. It's her mother's or grandmother's birthday? Her birthday is sometime in January.. nonetheless, yesterday was Queen's Day here in The Netherlands. Everybody wears orange and parties!

I actually celebrated this day the night before at a single adults LDS church dance in Rotterdam. -On Queen's Day (while we were supposed to be celebrating...) me, Annukka and Kimmo went to see Limitless in the cinemas instead. :)

These are some of the girls from the Breda ward.. my buddies.

And for the HIGHLIGHT of the night: we participated in some traditional Dutch games. This game.. (in America we would do this while eating donuts) you are blindfolded and have to eat this type of ginger bread. Tastey stuff!

Leaving for Barcelona today! Spring break baby.
Tot Ziens!

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