Love Earth Life Happiness.


Catching you up, blog world.

So.. I'm def lackin on the bloggin. But better late than never, right?

There are many, many crazy and exciting things up and coming! At this age it can get pretty crazy.. you can plan for one thing, but then out of no where, your course changes completely. Though there have been lots of changes in my life, I am loving where I am at and I continue to feel like I'm closer to who I want to be each day. Life is a journey. No point in being a bum about where you are at this point in life.. or at any point for that matter. There is a reason for it! Always. There is a reason why I am where I am today and why I met the people that I have met... so on and so fourth.

What's coming up in my life?

-First of all.. Thanksgiving. I don't like Turkey.. or stuffing.. or mashed potatoes.. haha so I'm not too excited about the food (which seems to be the highlight of Thanksgiving as far as planning it goes).. but I do love the holiday season and the feeling of being grateful. Plus, it's a wonderful time when families unite and get to spend time together.. which isn't always that often.

-I have been rehearsing and will be dancing in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas Concert down at the Conference Center which runs December 13-16! It has been such a great experience so far and I'm really excited for the show. There are some great dancers and great people there!

-A little further down the road, I have my last semester before I graduate down at Southern Utah University! Dance Performance Bachelor's Degree here I come! Graduating May 2013, wooo!!! And I'm stinking excited to go down there and dance with my great friends from Cedar City. Last Spring I was kind of a downer due to some big struggles I was facing in life.. but now I'm much better mentally and I'm stinking excited to kick my butt back into shape after these past months of being a downer.

-Then, my best friend Kaley and I have officially purchased our tickets for our Europe trip next summer. Leaving May 7 - June 20, 2013.. Kaley and I will be flying to Stockholm, Sweden to stay with some of her relatives as well as spending some time traveling throughout. We are definitely going to the Netherlands, Kaley wants to see where I lived for those life changing 6 months and I want to see all of my friends there! Stinking can't wait!!!

-Also, I'm dating this boy.... It's been 5 months already?! CJ is his name. :) He is wonderful in every way and he makes me feel like gold. We do lots of fun things and I'm loving the journey with him so far! He seriously couldn't have come into my life at a better time.

That's it for now peeps!



I'm Backkkk....

Alright. I'm back on facebook. I'm back to blogging. I'm inching back to my happiness. Yanno those times when you are in a funk... when you are lost? I'm trying to transition OUT of that unhappy nonsense. Here are a few updates on where I've been lately for anyone listening out there!

1. Engaged/not engaged anymore... a huge source of sadness if I do say so meeeself.
2. Lived in Cedar City to get another semester in at SUU.... lived alone in a studio apartment. Note to self and anyone considering to live alone... make sure you are mentally stable before making a decision like this. Oops.
3. Worked at Denny's as a server for fun while I was there. Found a love for being a waitress. Time cruises by during this job... plus it's way fun to chat with a bunch of different types of people throughout your shift.
4. Moved back home with my parents and my favorite doggy dog, Bob Marley. aka, "Marlile", "Marley Davidson", "Marlin", "Marty", "Marles Davis"... about any "M" name you can think of. I've been catching up with some great friends and am loving every minute of it.
5. Many adventures with my lifer, Kaley West.

So this leaves for the next stop in my life's journey. 3.5 months in.....


Here I will be teaching English to children (2-6 years old) and traveling around a bit.

97% are Buddhists... which means, Samijo can't wait to pick their brains!!! This religion has been so interesting to me as I've grown up... mom, if I come back as a Buddhist, don't hate me. ;)

You better believe! there will be pictures coming very soon!! Man, I love traveling and feel so dang lucky to be doing so as much as I have at such a young age!

Anyway, these are the updates. I will say, it does feel good to be back and posting again.

Be back soon, yo.