Love Earth Life Happiness.


Starting something new...

Well, we all thought it would be weird to graduate high school. So many new questions... What do I do now? Dude, I really have to grow up? What the heck is a career? I only know how to make cereal? August is now here, are we ready to grow up and experience life as an "adult"? Looking back, I cannot believe how quickly life has gone by so far! I feel like I am still that little 6th grader getting all nervous/excited that I am finally going to be a big kid in Jr. High. Now, I am packing my bags to go off to college. My dad just came to me and said... "Sam, you're going to miss your Joe Joe.. you're going to miss me poking your eyes, pulling your hair, buggin you and stuff." hahaa As excited as I am to move out and Realize. exactly who I am, I will absolutely miss everyone in my hometown. 

The "summer of spending" has been rad. Who woulda thunk that in three months, I would have figured out so much and have done so many great and fun things. I've met some pretty amazing people this summer. I've been good, I've been bad, I've had all the fun I could have had. Watching my best friend figure out exactly who she is in another country for 2 weeks, meeting new friends, reconnecting with old friends, family parties - even if I am the odd one - and learning to love someone with everything in me.. I'd say it has been a pretty ROCKIN summer!

All I have to say now is... Thunderbirds, here I come. Show me some friends, throw me experiences and bring on the good life baby!