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Finnish Picnic

Spent the afternoon with most of my Finnish buddies at Wilhelmina Park in Tilburg today. We had a picnic and I must say... THIS little kid (who was not capable of any form of cooking before this study abroad experience).. provided the pasta salad! Lekker.

And this... my friends... is Finnish chocolate. To die for. Pirita's mother just visited her this week and was very kind and brought me this chocolate. Within two days.. we were able to down two bars of this stuff. Maybe I should move there just for the chocolate one day.

The joke of the group is always that I am learning more about the Finn's than the Dutch because I spend so much time with Finnish people. I'm learning more about the Finnish language than Dutch.. haha. Coming to terms with this fact inspired me to finally purchase a Dutch-English pocket book with a word list so I can start really learning the language of where I'm currently living. My goal was to learn the language.. so consider it happening. I will learn this blasted language.. even though I have to teach myself!

98 degrees Fahrenheit in the sun at the park today... beautiful and SHMOKIN hot!

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  1. wow... I am excited to try this YUMMY pasta sister:) I tried to call ya today and so sad i missed you, but I am glad I got to read this post. And JEALOUS of the weather... I am freezing brrr..... It was BEAUTIFUL yesterday (Saturday) but cold today.. Oh well:) Great post LOVE YOU Sister:)