Love Earth Life Happiness.


Creatures crawl in the search of blood....

To terrorize y'alls neighborhood!


It's here, baby! The one and only show that me and my sisters/mom have gone to every single year since it was fresh, right out of the oven many years ago.... Thriller. We've had 3 weeks of intense rehearsals with classes and time spent learning/cleaning/practicing each of the dances in this show. All growing up, it only seemed like a dream to me.. to be part of this amazing show as a dancer. No matter how many tears have come from the stress, sleepiness and even intimidation that I have felt along this journey so far.. I can 100% say, I have been loving every minute of my experience with Odyssey Dance Theatre.

There are many different personalities on our company and a lot of new faces to the team. All with such stunning talents in each individual way. Odyssey has given me such a positive environment and a motivation to constantly push myself through these difficult times in life and for this, I am truly grateful. This is the place where some legit bonds are made between people as friends.. I love every single person on this team, each for a different reason. Just yesterday, we as the touring cast had to part from the Salt Lake cast... I can't tell you how many times at rehearsal on the stage here in Park City that we thought, "who is missing?" It feels so strange to be away from the other cast. Although I miss them a great deal, it has also been a blast getting even more personal with those here on the touring cast. Such beautiful people, yo!!

The life of a dancer is quite a crazy one. Yesterday, we arrived here in our first location.. Park City, for our spacing and full run-through of the whole show. We arrived in the morning, set each dance on the stage for about 5 hours.. then headed to our gorgeous condos to unpack our things.. and headed right back to the theater for a straight up 6.5 hour run-through of the show + notes/corrections afterwards. You can see, why with a great amount of time spent together with those who are around you.. all doing exactly what we love.. is such a bonding experience! Today, we will spend another day at the theater,  having class and also doing another full run-through of the show. This time with hair, make up, lighting... the works!

If you haven't seen the show.. I promise you, it is one you will not want to miss! Sooo many funny details in this show, it is seriously such a funny/creepy/stunning show all in itself. is where you get those tickets, my friends!

This journey is amazing.. the show's about to begin!!!! We're about to get our zombie/skeleton/mummy/... many many other unmentioned characters.. on!



It's time.

ODT rehearsals start tomorrow... I'm freaking out!!! Expect a lot of posts and pictures up and coming. :)

Here's to a sleepless night. May my body and mind get through this. THRILLER baby.

Off to live my dance dream!