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Less is more.

I think I'm in love.... with an item called, Charmin Ultra Toilet Paper.

I am very happy to advertise for this product right now. Here's the scoop on my toilet paper situation. Since I've been here in Tilburg, I actually have managed to not buy one roll of TP. Call me cheap, I don't mind. hahaa So what have I been doing when I need to wipe? No.. I don't use leaves or my sleeve or anything weirdo like that... I've just been using the school to my advantage and have borrowed? (I prefer borrow rather than steal) a couple of handfuls from the bathroom every once in a while. But no worries, I do not do this anymore! Why? Because my parents are amazing and they sent me the greatest package. Seriously guys, you know the amazing feeling that you get after eating Nutella on bread? When I saw the note on my door saying that my roommate had my package in her room.. I felt that warm Nutella feeling times like 1500.

Anyways, one of the many great things in this package was Charmin Ultra Toilet Paper. Each time I use it now.. the theme song from the commercial goes off in my head. I know you all know it - "when we say less is more, less is more... Charmin Ultra... less is more." Man, were they right. Sure, Europeans have better bread than Americans.. but they don't got NOTHIN on our toilet paper. The saying, "you know you're a college student when...." definitely applies to me now. I didn't realize how much I appreciate our soft, fluffy, American TP. I guess what I'm trying to get across with this blog post is.... Realize the small things in life you guys! If you take the time to look around.. you will start to notice that even things as little as toilet paper can be SO amazing. The world is great. Have a happy day and of course..... ENJOY!

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