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Here's how lame I am.. I just get back from Paris, and what do I decide to write about today?......


For those of you who don't like to read... this post isn't for you. But for those of you who are deep thinkers like myself, feel free to read away. If you have time to read this, I think you might get something out of what I have to say :)

It has taken me forever to finally get the final season of Lost, but the coolest part about it, is I watched this last season at the perfect time for me in my life. I don't know if I'm different than others because of how much this season affected me personally.. but the last episode sent me on a crazy journey of thought and actually brought a lot of things together, creating some type of peace in my mind. What did I learn you ask??...

This season (specifically the last episode) brought peace to my mind, in the fact that I'm not alone or strange for thinking that there has to be more to life after you die. That there is some type of life when we have learned what we need to learn here in this Earthy existence. I often wonder if there is even a point to try as hard as I do to "be good" and serve people and learn as much as I can here, if we're all just going to die and be done with everything. Living outside of Utah, I've realized just how many people really do feel that when you die, everything is over. But for me, I've always thought for some reason that I have to be "the perfect mormon" in order to have life after death. After watching Lost, I realized that there are more people out there who think this way, and not only the religious people. Lost isn't even a "religious" show, but the cool part about it is if you look deep into the meaning and symbolism behind it... it actually gets pretty spiritual.

I personally was sobbing during the whole last episode because it confirmed to me that I AM here, doing what I'm doing for a reason. That I AM actually working right now to figure out all that I can and take in as much as I can mentally and physically so that I can make it to a place in life after I die that will be my perfect place. In LOST, I feel that I resemble Jack's character. He's often uncertain why he does things... but he always ends up doing it becaues he feels that it is what he is "supposed" to do. In the end, Jack finds such a strong peace and you can see how truly grateful he is once everything ties together for him. It's like he finally realized that everything happened how it did, and when it did on purpose. Sometimes things don't happen the way he wants them to, or when he wants it to because he is simply not ready to hear it, or go through it yet. When these things in life happen, if it happens at the right time, or when it is "supposed" to happen... that's when you will get the absolute MOST out of whatever it is.

Not done yet.. :) Also, it really hit me that everyone was able to be with each other in the end, forever. Here in life, we definitely meet the people that we do for a reason. I can even point out the largest and the smallest of things that I've learned from every single person that I've met. And honestly, looking back in my life, I know that these people came to me at the time that I needed them to in order for me to be who I am today. And I know this pattern will continue on and I will keep building different relationships because they are who I need in my life. I just can't deny that it isn't by coincidence that all of these things happen the way they do.

Being so far away from home in Holland, I have 2 choices. 1: Dwell on the fact that I miss everyone at home, my family and friends.. and count down the days until I will be at home with them again. Back to the life that I am comfortable living, which would make this experience last way longer than I want it to... or 2: Let go of the "missing" thoughts and step into a possibly uncomfortable atmosphere... meet new people who can help build me up.. and really learn all that I can for myself while I'm here, realizing that I ABSOLUTELY will have the chance to be with my family and the ones I love at home again, no matter what happens. This way, I keep myself free to learn things I never knew and possibly couldn't learn at home in the States. Living like this will keep me not watching the clock or sitting on the fact that I'm here for 6 months. These thoughts block you from learning all that you can learn at that place and at that moment in time. I've kept my mind open to meeting others and building these relationships while I'm here to make this strange place feel like home. Of course it takes time... nothing happens in 2 seconds.. but basically what I'm getting at... is the process of life is completely beautiful. I LOVE watching these different concepts unfold before my eyes, finally feeling that things just flat out make sense. The whole point of my blog is to keep people up to date on what is going on with me here.. and I hope to teach others the lessons that I have learned for myself as well. Of course I don't know EVERYTHING... who does? But that's the best part about it. The journey.. and how it will all unfold later in "the end".

I'll write about Paris later hopefully. This post is long enough to last a couple weeks. haha Over and out, I hope everyone has a beautiful day! Watch all 6 seasons of Lost if you get the chance and if you haven't already. :)


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  1. Brad and I love Lost:) Before we watched the last season, my friend told me she hated it and not to bother watching, plus I read on facebook that people were not happy with the ending. SO I watched the final season with that bad attitude and then like you REALLY liked it and learned a lot:) You're an amazing writer and I LOVE how deep of a thinker you are. Thanks for the post it was a GREAT ONE!!! oxox