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When is the best day to be at my crib????

LAUNDRY DAY. (aka roomdry day)

Seeing that I freaking have to pay 1.50 euro to wash my laundry.. I like to do it in bulk. Not to mention.. I have to pay another euro to dry it. Once again, call me cheap.. but I was not about to pay a precious euro for a machine to dry my laundry. Why not dry it Sami-style?

I guess it brings a new meaning to the word "Laun Dry day". Roomdry day is what we'll start calling it! This is my version of an art museum. The room-dryer exhibit. Visitors welcome.

Not only does this save energy, but it makes my room smell bounty fresh!!

Leaving for Paris tomorrow, for four days with some of my roommates!! I'm a Paris virgin, so expect lots of pictures when I come back! Until then....


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