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For those of you who aren't "carnaval educated" yet.. this is what it's all about. Honestly, I'm not sure what the background of this holiday is, and when I asked Dutch friends last night if they knew what it was.. they said, "I don't know, some Catholic holiday or something." This holiday is pretty dang big in Tilburg. During the day, all you see are people dressed up in orange and green (which some lady told us are the Tilburg colors) and everybody is drinking and there are marching bands playing Carnaval music... there are parades.. you name it. At night, it kind of reminds me of a more wild version of Halloween. Everyone was dressed up in costumes and in the street with all of the bars.. it is PACKED with people all night long. The craziest part about this holiday is that it lasts for a straight 6 days LONG! Most of my Dutch friends have actually told me that their advice is to lock my door and stay inside my home all week long. haha I was seriously considering doing this.. but then I decided not to poop on the party and go witness this holiday with my own eyes just for one night.

The day started off going to the city with my Finnish friend, Pirita. We walked around the city for a while and watched all of the people (all ages) having a good time in the streets of Tilburg. Listening to the bumpin carnaval music was pretty fun. We decided that the genre we would place this music in... is medieval techno. Everyone was in green and orange and this one lady that we talked with actually told us that we can't walk around without SOMETHING in green and orange. After that, I decided I had to cave and buy at least a scarf with the Tilburg colors. :)

It was pretty fun to see everyone so happy celebrating this holiday. Maybe everyone was so happy because it was one of the first days of this 6 day party and they didn't have hangovers yet. I don't know?

During the night, I went to Annoeska's house who had a pre-night-carnaval get-together. I learned how to make Dutch pancakes.. very tastey! Then it was time to venture into the city. I was surprised at how many people were outside! At this point in the night, I re-realized just how much of a non partier I am. I am definitely the one who poops on the party. I was home in my bed no later than 1:15. and we didn't even go outside until about 11 or later. haha oops. Typical Samijo. Plus I found my self eyeballing the clock when it was getting close to midnight thinking... crap, I have to be home for curfew. Maybe "curfew" was just my excuse for saying.. ah my bed sounds really nice right now. :)

(A video at the dance our group went to)

All in all, I had a good time. Met some great people last night and some not so great.. haha My experience with Carnaval was a success. A definite one-timer.. but a success nonetheless.

There's my schpeal on Carnaval. Take it or leave it peeps.


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