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Learning and Sleeping.

Picture of the day.....

Today is the day that I post about the only thing I can think about... sleep. It was a very intense day for me today! Here's how it went... I woke up at 7:20.. had my favorite granola and yogurt, left on the bike at 8am for school. My dance schedule? went like this... 8:30-10:15 Ballet.. 10:30-12 Hip Hop... 12-1 Lunch.... 1-2:30 Limon with Raymond... Then CDK with Raymond until 4.. 4:30-6pm Tap.... and 6:30-8:15pm Jazz Fusion. Then I had to bike home.       Pretty much an hour break in between a full day of 8:30am-8:15pm. And some intense dancing today, might I add. This little foreigner is not used to this! Really, my energy level isn't that bad.. it's just my muscles that are yelling at me. So here is my shout out to the dancers at Fontys... you guys are tanks!

Update--- all is well here! I am absolutely learning a lot. I'm getting a better understanding of all of the different cultures, I'm learning a ton about myself, and I'm learning a lot as a dancer. I'm getting the chance to really get inside and finally am having the chance to analyze my body in ways that I never have before. Some of the classes here are a bit more basic than what I've had before, but I didn't realize the importance of this until now. I've realized how much I've skipped over in my life as a dancer and it's so nice to kind of go back and correct some of those mistakes. Some of the main things that I've learned... are that it really isn't about how high you can get your leg all of the time, or how many turns you can do... of course those are great additions and are important at times, but dancing doesn't always have to be about that. You can take the most basic of steps and make them incredible by choosing how your body portrays each movement. I mean, honestly.. at the end of the day, who would you rather watch...A: someone who just shows off their legs or turns a lot and is very technical and up tight.. compared to B: someone who truly FEELS the music they are listening to, and invites you as the audience to come with them inside the dancers mind to feel the story they are dancing? Personally, my eyes go directly to the dancers who are simply enjoying and having fun while dancing. My goal for myself.. is that if there is one thing that I can take from this semester, it is to open up my heart and let those around me come inside my soul and feel the emotion that I feel as I dance. Whether it be sad, happy, crazy, a longing for something/someone, love, hatred, pain, strength... any emotion that I am feeling... I want everyone to feel it with me. THAT is what dancing is all about.

I can't believe how fast this is going... on Thursday this week, it is already 4 weeks that I've been here! WHAT?? It's March already! This experience is going to cruise by like crazy. Carnival this Saturday... Paris in a week from tomorrow... My mom comes to visit at the end of March... WOO! Lots of things that I'm excited for :) Anyway, that's it for today. I'll keep posting blogs and taking pictures. Everyone... have a great day! And make sure to think about me next time you get to sleep in until noon! Lucky people.... ;)


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