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School here in Tilburg

Welcome to Fontys Hogeschool Voor de Kunsten.... (Fontys college for the arts)

This is a great school! I feel lucky to be an exchange student here. The first one from Southern Utah University so far.. and hopefully not the last! The dance academy here is fantastic. There are 10 dance studios.. all of which are very nice. The dance faculty at this school are amazing. I haven't met all of them yet.. but the ones that I have met are incredible dancers and teachers. They have a very experienced staff and are well educated in dance from traveling all around and such.

There are lots of students from all over Europe. So far.. I am the only American here currently. There are girls from other parts of The Netherlands.. girls from Finland, Costa Rica, Germany, Russia.. they're from all over. My schedule is still in the process of being decided.. this past week I took a couple of different classes. I take ballet with the 3rd years four times a week from 8:30-10:30am with John, dance theater with Eddy, Modern (Limon) with Raymond, Jazz with Marteea?, Hip hop with Johnny, and Modern (Cunninham) with Marc. All of these classes are great! I feel like I'm going to learn a lot this semester. There are a lot of talented dancers to look up to and again, the teachers are great.

It's really funny because a big majority of the people here swear. In English. It's so funny, you'll be listening to them speak in Dutch for a while.. then you'll hear a random "F-word" then they'll continue speaking in Dutch. Why they don't swear in Dutch... I haven't figured out yet. But it makes me laugh whenever I hear it though. :)

This week, the dancers in the 3rd year have been taking their exams in their classes from last semester. I was lucky to sit in on almost all of them and see what they've got! I took a short video of a part from Graham (a form of modern) which I had never seen before. I thought this part was crazy cool and I'm glad I got it on video... Snapped a couple of pictures as well.. enjoy!

(this video is a piece from Graham)

(this is from my ballet class.. not the best. But give me a break, I was nervous my first few classes. haha)

 (more from Graham.. this is me still messing around with photoshop hah)
(and more from Graham)

I'm excited for this year baby!!!! Fontys, get prepared from some good ol' American Samijo Butt Kickin!!!!

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