Love Earth Life Happiness.


All settled in...

Three words on the mind this evening....

I love Tilburg.

Things are great! I finally feel like I'm settled in and after a lot of busy errands, bike rides, and dance classes.. it has already been one week since I arrived. One week here and I already feel like my mind has been opened even more and I'm definitely learning a lot about others and mostly myself. The people here are SO kind.. I have been able to get to know some of the dancers a bit more since I've been here and have already been served a yummy Spanish dinner by some of the flatmates that I'm living with. It's great having international students to live with. Not only does it reassure me that I will actually understand them.. because they all speak English as their 2nd or 1st language and none of them speak Dutch (at least I don't think)... but they are always wanting to get out of the house and explore the city!

My one and only concern as of this second... I need to learn Dutch. They say it is a mix of English and German... Well, I don't know German.. so I guess I'm half way there by speaking English? No. Dutch is such a confusing language. I have learned random words here and there.. but my dream of being fluent by the end of my stay.. hah we'll see if that actually happens. Difficult!

Thank Heavens for technology. Skype is one of the greatest things invented. I actually didn't even have internet for the first freaking like 5 days of being here.. and that was a definite test for me. I failed, I cannot live without internet. (at least while living in a foreign country by myself at 18). You should have seen me jumping around in my room by myself when the good old google homepage popped up on my screen. It was as if I spotted a suitcase full of gold. I'm also grateful that my parents are doing their best to stay up to date with technology as well. Seeing them on skype has been an answer to many prayers for me!

Story of the week: As some of you know... I got lost on my first day trying to find Fontys... the school I am attending. This was terrifying! Annoeska gave me specific directions on which streets to turn down to find the school on my bike and said it would be about a 10-20 minute ride. So, I ventured out.. and being me, I decided that I would try and go a different way and see if I could get there in, what I thought would be a faster way. Not a good idea. This so called-20 minute bike ride, turned into a 50 minute bike ride.. The streets started getting less busy and I knew I was officially headed the wrong way.. Then I saw this older guy out for a jog and this is exactly why I am SO grateful that the people in Holland all speak English as well. I asked him how to get back to the University.. and he had me turn the other way and go back a couple streets.. and turn left and right and left and right... I was pretty far off-track. Needless to say, I found my way back and not ONCE have I been lost again. It was one of those times where in the moment, I didn't know whether I should laugh or cry.. laugh because I was an idiot of thinking I could find my own route.. but cry because I was scared out of my mind. I craughed. :)

Here are a couple of pictures for your entertainment of some of the people that I've met here and of what Tilburg has to show! :) Enjoy...

 The Finland boys in my flat.
 The Spanish girls in our flat!

 All the flatmates enjoying some Spanish grub. :)
 Party with the modern dancers.

All is well!


  1. I'm so happy to have you here Samijo!
    I hope you will not get lost anymore! Anyway we're lucky: the city it's not so big!
    Enjoy your time here !! :)

  2. Ok Samijo, explain to me what you are doing clear across the world please? It sounds exciting whatever it is.

  3. wow..great post Samijo:) Please be SO SAFE, and always tell people where you are. I am so thankful for the JOGGER also....

    I loved the part where you put that you craughed..haha only you would combined something funny like that.haha