Love Earth Life Happiness.



Biking... Latest and greatest way of getting to where I need to go. Why did I never do this when I lived at home?? It's funny thinking about how I have to get in my car to even drive two blocks away to get to Kaley's house. I always even drive to Collin's house when we both live RIGHT by the park way....? During winter.. obviously it's a different story, but in the summer?? What have I been thinking! Another European way that I will definitely be taking home, is riding my bike. I'm hoping that one day, Utah will adopt the idea of having a bike lane on all of the roads as they do here in Tilburg... but nonetheless, it is still a much better idea for traveling. It's funny.. everyone from home says, "you'll be so fit when you get back!" but here... they don't even think of it as a form of exercise. Everyone just thinks of biking as their method of travel. Intelligent!

This is my short, sweet, and simple post... but for anyone who reads this blog... think about bikin! It saves some money on fuel and of course, it is a great form of exercise :)

(Bikes across from Fontys)

(Believe it or not... these are ALL bikes!!! And this wasn't even half of them! It's beautiful, eh??)

Have a happy day and weekend!!


  1. dude! i decided a few days ago that as soon as the weather works, i'm biking everywhere. you're in europe?! that's freaking awesome.

  2. I bought a bike trailer last year so we can go on more family bike rides:) We would ride our bike to the kids school, smiths, library and other place..way FUN:)

    THANKS FOR your car it has been so nice having it:) love ya and we will call soon!