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The Journey Begins Now.

This is it! After many treacherous hours, I am finally packed and ready. I've been catching myself wishing that there is someone out there who is currently figuring out a way to zap everything in my bedroom to my new place in a different country... I didn't realize just how hard it would be to pack for six months. The stress of possibly leaving something behind has been haunting me today. Right when I get on that plane in T-minus 5 hours, of course I will think of something that I have forgotten. hahaa. Oh well.. as my mom reminded me yesterday... all of this stuff are just "things". She is right!

I've had such an amazing last few weeks here in Utah. It's so true that you don't realize the greatness of people in your life until you are leaving them for a long period of time. I was worried that I wouldn't get to spend enough time with a lot of the people that I love before I leave.. but I am so grateful that this wasn't really the case! Even though there were definitely people I wish I could have spent some time with.. I have been so lucky and have been given lots of great experiences packed within these last two weeks. To all of the people who have talked with me, spent time, and who have given me great words of encouragement as I begin this journey... Thank you!! The blog is where I will be spending a lot of time writing my experiences and sharing pictures from The Netherlands.. so please feel free to read up whenever! And even more importantly.. keep in contact with me! These next 5+ months are going to be amazing, but I am only human.. of course I'll get home sick somewhere in there. I would love to hear from you guys. Skype, facebook, email, mail... whatever you would like :)

Everyone keep yourselves safe.. keep yourselves happy.. keep on, keepin on! Over and out for now.. Tot Ziens!

Fiets! Not my photo... but you'll be seeing plenty of mine soon. Lucky duck!

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