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Food for thought.

Hallooo. Greets from Amsterdam. Well, I'm all settled in here. Just finished the last bit of unpacking and making my room feel like home. My hosts have been great here, Livia and Nicky have been helpful in everything so far. And I've loved the fact that Bob Marley is here with me. He was quite the champ on the way here and hasn't left my side since we've been here... except for when we go out... the little kid is going sniff crazy and loving this new city. We go hard, exploring during the day and return back home pretty exhausted by night actually.

Now that we're all settled in... it's now time to get out and about. I'm really not sure what's going to happen! Now that I've finally made it here, I plan to just put myself out there and definitely allow myself to feel vulnerable. Something that isn't easy to do in any case.. Somehow, I feel motivated to make things work here though, so that's good. It's still quite crazy to really be here again.. I think it's definitely a good direction for me at this point in time. No matter how long it lasts. Already having many nice conversations with people here.. it's good for anybody to hear about and actually immerse yourself in different ways of living and thinking.

I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss home. I absolutely do. Marley does help with this... but part of me wonders if he misses home as well. If we were to sit inside all day.. just like anybody else, I think we might go crazy. Meeting old friends here and getting back into dance helps 100% with home sickness. I've broken down a few times thinking about home already, but I feel no shame in missing my family and friends at home. Though it was a really hard year for my family in 2013.. things were still going quite well. All except for my mentality at times as far as confidence in dance goes unfortunately. (a huge reason why I wanted to come here... hopefully regaining some dancing confidence again, even if it is simply a kickstart for myself for a few short months.)

I think it's important not to forget that it's always important to soul search in this life. You really don't have to go on a huge adventure like what I needed to do.. and have needed to do in the past. Facing your fears and going towards those thoughts/actions that make us feel vulnerable.. if you ask me, it honestly does have a benefiting value. It's in facing our fears head on that we become stronger individuals. Don't let yourself allow for negative thoughts to creep into your head. If there is something that you want to accomplish or figure out for yourself, do it. And don't be afraid to let family, friends, or straight up outsiders to come in or go along with you as you experience your hardships and successes as well. If anything, I think people begin to feel more comfortable in general when we open up with each other. It aids in realizing that this life isn't easy for anyone. We are all, in one way or another, in this life together for a reason.

Love, be loved, venture into the unknown, and dare to be different.

That's all for today. Nothing too crazy or deep.. just wanting to unleash some brainwaves to the universe :)

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