Love Earth Life Happiness.


Dancing and Feeling.

It feels so good to feel!

I went to my first audition since Odyssey's audition in the summer. Here's a bit of how it went this morning. I woke up to a heavy rain/wind storm... (keep in mind that it was about a 25 min. bike ride to the audition location). I was seconds away from staying in my warm bed and continuing to cuddle with Marley. After much deliberation, I kicked myself out of bed.. "put on my dance shoes" and threw as many layers on that I could find to be out and on my way.

I gotta say.. THAT is what this life is about. Getting up and doing things that you're afraid of and the journeys that come along with that... it's simply what life is all about. After years of feeling like I've backed out of things due to this fear or that fear... I still went. Sure, it wasn't successful.. tricky odds anyway (1 girl and 1 boy, with 35ish girls there..) But hey, as a dancer.. classes are expensive so getting a free class and a chance to share a dance studio again, doing the thing that I love... now THAT is success in itself.

I'm posting this one more-so for myself honestly. It feels good to feel again. It has only been 1 week since I arrived in Amsterdam and I can really feel that this is exactly what I needed to do at this time in my life. If there is anything that I can pass along, it's that each day.. we should make it a habit to feel things. Whether life that day makes you happy or sad.. let yourself feel it and embrace it.

Now I say CHEERS.

Cheers to being poor... (money-wise)

Cheers to being rich... (not money-wise) ;)

Cheers to living every moment in the moment.

Cheers to new friends.

Cheers to my old and very dear friends.

Cheers to my family.

Cheers to Bob Marley for adapting so quickly to a completely new surrounding...

And cheers to going for it - whatever it may be for you.

Ps. Thank you all so much for your continual support. Every little bit has helped in so many ways. This world has some pretty amazing people in it!

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