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sami's vegetarian "pasta"

Hey, this is actually working out nicely. I want to share my next sami-made meal creation.

SAMI'S VERSION of "chicken marinara pasta".

Tofu, organic basil tomato sauce, and bulgur grain.

Who said trying new foods and making your own creations can't be fun? I found this vegetarian meal of mine quite tasty! Steps to becoming a better chef..

Eet Smakelijk!

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  1. Serendipity...
    You are a great story teller. I feel like I was doing Butoh, and checking out Tilburg Netherlands! Thanks! It's so very refreshing.
    And yes, every thing does happen for a reason.
    Thanks to a google search for "butoh" images I stumbled on your Realize (Riel eyes) blog.
    I bid you continued awesomefulness!