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The Dub's.

Dublin, Ireland Trip
So, during one of the nights in Dublin.. Annukka and I walked through Temple Bar street and found a live street band performing that we fell in love with. Mutefish is the bands name. They were a talented bunch. As they began playing their last song, I turned to Annukka and said... why don't we get out there in front of the crowd and dance? This music is great! She said... well, we ARE dancers... why not? -- So there you have it. :)

 While we were in the medieval city of 'Kilkenny', karma decided to come and get me. I was making fun of Annukka for one of the many crazy things she does ;) when suddenly I tripped and fell flat on my stomach, in the middle of the road. I stopped cars, mind you. This WOULD happen to me in some foreign city. I got a small battle wound on my elbow to show for it too....

On a bridge over the Dublin River... 'Liffey', Annukka and I got creative with our photo skills. Here is what came about from Annukk.

Next photo, during our scenic tour somewhere in the Wicklow Mountains, I held my "vacationly, 'Where's Waldo-Sami' event".  See if you can find me. My white Toms give my feeties away.

I'd have to say, overall... best trip I've been on yet, during my stay here in The Netherlands. The city is fun to hang out in and the scenery is absolutely beautiful. Greens and cute little sheep everywhere. It's exactly as I've always pictured it. Thank you Annukka for a great weekend in Ireland!

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