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I'm Backkkk....

Alright. I'm back on facebook. I'm back to blogging. I'm inching back to my happiness. Yanno those times when you are in a funk... when you are lost? I'm trying to transition OUT of that unhappy nonsense. Here are a few updates on where I've been lately for anyone listening out there!

1. Engaged/not engaged anymore... a huge source of sadness if I do say so meeeself.
2. Lived in Cedar City to get another semester in at SUU.... lived alone in a studio apartment. Note to self and anyone considering to live alone... make sure you are mentally stable before making a decision like this. Oops.
3. Worked at Denny's as a server for fun while I was there. Found a love for being a waitress. Time cruises by during this job... plus it's way fun to chat with a bunch of different types of people throughout your shift.
4. Moved back home with my parents and my favorite doggy dog, Bob Marley. aka, "Marlile", "Marley Davidson", "Marlin", "Marty", "Marles Davis"... about any "M" name you can think of. I've been catching up with some great friends and am loving every minute of it.
5. Many adventures with my lifer, Kaley West.

So this leaves for the next stop in my life's journey. 3.5 months in.....


Here I will be teaching English to children (2-6 years old) and traveling around a bit.

97% are Buddhists... which means, Samijo can't wait to pick their brains!!! This religion has been so interesting to me as I've grown up... mom, if I come back as a Buddhist, don't hate me. ;)

You better believe! there will be pictures coming very soon!! Man, I love traveling and feel so dang lucky to be doing so as much as I have at such a young age!

Anyway, these are the updates. I will say, it does feel good to be back and posting again.

Be back soon, yo.

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  1. so jealous! Thailand looks beautiful. Cant wait for the next post. keep me updated :)