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Bucket List

 Lately I have been analyzing the goals that I have for myself. I have always had an idea for what it is that I want to do in my life, but it wasn't until recently that I really asked myself and Realized. that I CAN complete each of these things. For the longest time I've somehow been afraid to let my thoughts run wild and dream as far as I want, without any limitations. I believe that the only person who has been stopping me from completing these things that I want to accomplish in life, is myself. It's funny, years ago.. if I would have written a bucket list, I guarantee it would have been much different than it is today. That's the beauty of it. It is personal and has the freedom to change in any way. As my journey through life continues on and as I continue creating 'Samijo's Story', this list has the potential to grow, get checked off, shrink, become more specific.. anything.

Another thing that I find funny, is the fact that as I've been sitting here looking back on my life thus far, I Realized. just how many things I have done in my life, (good and bad) were done out of the mere fact of doing what it was that I thought would please those around me. Being a 'people-pleaser' is quite the exhausting life. It wasn't until I moved out into a different country on my own as a little 18 year old girl.. that I figured out how much I was doing this very thing. Ask me if I regret anything. I will say, 'Nope'. For, each of these experiences are how I have found and continue to find 'Samijo'. Because of some recent counsel I received during this difficult time in my life.. I now wake up every day, pound my chest like an ape (not kidding), stare myself dead on in the mirror, stand proudly and say.. 'I am Samijo.' The next words that I say out loud change each day. Today I continued by saying.. 'I live my life with hard work and dedication in my continued efforts to one day inspire and change the lives of those around me.' It always starts with, 'I am Samijo'.

Now, why am I blogging this? I blog this in hopes that it might spark your mind today to spend time creating and figuring out what it is that you want to achieve in your life. Then Realize. you can give yourself permission to accomplish it all. You are your life's personal artist and director. Why wait to create your masterpiece?

 - Boston Marathon
 - Watch every film under the direction of Tim Burton
 - Professional dancer - Odyssey Dance Theater,
 - Get to a complete state of tranquility through meditation
 - Sky Dive
 - Bungee Jump
 - Write a book
 - Speak to a mass amounts of people
 - Take my "where's waldo.. or, where's samijo" pictures in all of the places I visit around the world
 - Travel the world. (will continue to get more specific.. that could be another whole post in itself!)
 - Write a song
 - Become a nutritionist
 - Go on an African Safari
 - Experience weightlessness
 - Get a Ph.D.
 - Ride a camel in the Sahara
 - Meet Helena Bonham Carter, Julia Roberts, Tim Burton, Mike Myers, Sandra Bullock, Johnny Depp and Jim Carrey.
 - Dance in a music video
 - Perform a successful surgery
 - Join the barefoot movement
 - Go kayaking
 - Become fluent in 3 other languages
 - Participate in a hip hop battle
 - Become a full vegetarian
 - Spend at least a week in some place of every continent in the world
 - Hold one million dollars in my hands, then hand it off to a greater good

Once you start thinking big.. you'll see how crazy you can make your life. This is my bucket list as of this point in life. I honestly say.... 'Why not?'... 'I am Samijo. Why not?'

Dream big friends. WHY NOT?


  1. Ok so I'm kinda mad cause I just wrote a huge comment, then it quit on me. I guess I'll just have to re-write it.

    First of all why am I the first comment on such an awesome blog post? Second I love the little part on people pleasing. I know I used to be such a people pleaser before I experienced life on my own in another country. I guess I am still guilty of people pleasing, but at least now I ask myself sometimes: "Am I doing this because I would like to? Or am I just doing this because I care about what other people think?" I think there is definitly a golden middle to it all. I mean you don't want to be selfish by any means, but sometimes we do stupid things just to "please" others. Anyways sorry for this HUGE comment, but I was just inspired to share my thoughts. So thank you for the inspiration!