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As promised, this is my compare and contrast of my experiences in Paris and London.

Paris, France.. LIKES:
  • Sacre Coeur
  • catacombes
  • French boys
  • Eiffel Tower
  • Norte Dame and the pigeons
  • painting by Alberto Magnelli
  • crepes
  • fashion
  • truly beautiful people and models everywhere
  • architecture
Sacre Coeur

Eiffel Tower


  • size of the Mona Lisa
  • costly
  • arrogance
  • feeling bad about the millions of beggars
  • littering.. I saw this multiple times throughout the day
  • people are always busy and running from place to place.. it started stressing me out

London, England.. LIKES:
  • the city of major talent!
  • Madame Tussauds
  • Westminster Abbey
  • British accent
  • Chinatown
  • Buckingham Palace: location of this year's annual headstand/handstand photo
  • Flake - Cadbury chocolate crumbly thingy
  • very kind people
  • Royalty
  • The pasty
  • Wicked! (especially Elphaba, phenomenal!)
  • London Tower Bridge
London Tower Bridge

Buckingham Palace

Big Ben

  • The London Eye..
  • transfer rate of the Dollar to the Pound... sheesh
  • sorry to say... but Blood Brothers the play. I didn't connect with it
  • the border patrol going into the UK.. he was a douche.
  • shady people
Paris and London Similarities:
  • the underground and the metro.. such a convenient way to travel!
  • I found that the buildings looked quite similar. I love the way buildings sort of come to a triangle point at the corners of streets.
  • I was in great company on both trips! - Paris with my Finnish and Polish friends.. and London with my mum. Good company makes all the difference on trips.
  • many museums to see.. I wish I had more time in both places
  • Even though the architecture looks similar to me.. it's so fun to see a distinct difference in all of the fashionable people in Paris and then to see all of the fancy people in London.
Paris Metro


London Underground

If I were to pick which place I would like to live... I'm going to have to pick London. Maybe it's because I'm a dude in the way that I dress? I wouldn't fit in due to my lack of knowledge in fashion. The people are way good at dressing and looking glamorous in Paris. Models dude, I'm telling you. I think my best option is to steal a gorgeous French guy and take him to London where I would feel more comfortable. ;) And plus, the talent in London is SO strong, if possible.. I would LOVE to dance in London one day. But hey, who knows what the future will hold? I never thought I would be lucky enough while growing up to have a chance to dance at a school in anywhere other than Utah even. Freak, and now I'm dancing in the Netherlands. I'm here to prove to any one out there that is listening.. that anything is possible. No matter if you are 18 years old.. or 82 years old.. ANYTHING is possible. Set your goals high, you will surprise yourself!

Where to next, you ask? Me, Annukka and Kimmo (Finnish friends) are off to Barcelona, Spain at the beginning of May. Woo!

Enjoy :)

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