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toets and packages

Geez guys... take forever to add a post to your blogs why don't cha!

K, I have a lot to say. But I'm going to split them up so this blog isn't extremely long. First off, it has been a CRAZY week physically, mentally, spiritually... all of the "ally's" that you can think of.. I swear I am queen of making everything 10 times more complicated than it should be. Not only am I going through a crazy changing process in my life.. but it is also the week for our "toets", or.. exams. Our exams are all practical and very intense. We pretty much do each of our classes how we do every week, but this time we have faculty and other students watching.. tight clothes on.. and a sprinkle of make-up. Nerves and adrenaline running all through our bodies! I've got a total of 7 exams, and only 2 of which are completed so far. I'll throw a couple of videos on here for you to have a sneak peak of what it was like today.

don't mind that little glitch when I almost fell. haha

And the last thing for now... oh my gosh!! As I said.. having the most straining week of my life.. guess what I came home to?? A note on door from Irene my roommate telling me that a package came in the mail. What? I wasn't expecting a package!! Package = the cherry on top of a psycho day. Lots of great and random items from my mom, a note from her, a note from Kaley! Wait, that's not it. A much needed letter came from Collin in the mail as well! Yesterday was so boring.. now EVERYTHING is coming at me today. Call me over-the-top, but I'm going crazy with excitement over here! Feeling so blessed! Thank you world. :)

the cup of noodles busted. haha no problem though.. I got two! :)

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