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Fontys Staff

I have a very special group of people that I want to introduce to you guys....

(most of) My dance teachers here at Fontys in Tilburg, NL! -- this post is dedicated to you!

--Side note... each of these pictures were taken after the classes that they teach... so don't mind the yummy, sweaty look.--
Johnny Lloyd - Hip Hop
 I've loved this class! It has been so fun for me to have a class aside of the crazy intense classes and have a time to really have a fun time sharing my personality. It's not always easy though.. I actually didn't know this beforehand, but there is a lot of specific technique and many small things to think about in hip hop. Johnny has many great ways of breaking down these specific ideas which has helped me better understand what to focus on as a hip hop dancer.

Raymond Esterhuizen - Limon
 Ahhh Raymond. Where to even begin with this great teacher. He has such a special eye when it comes to pulling things out of you that you wouldn't expect that a teacher can find as a dancer. (If that even makes sense). I don't think there is one dancer in his class who isn't working their ass off in every class that he teaches. He has such a great respect from his students and if you ask me, he full on deserves it because of everything that he has to offer as a teacher. (There are videos of his class in an earlier post (under toets and packages or something) here in my blog.. refer there.) 
Marc Van Loon - Cunningham
 Marc is a beautiful dancer himself! I knew nothing about the Cunningham style of modern before coming to Fontys, but through Marc's class.. I feel like I gained a great insight as to what this form of modern teaches. Marc is one of the nicest people I've met and he has a LOT to offer to his students. Thank you Marc!

John Wisman - Ballet & Pointe
 Here is a teacher who has helped me build a true love for Ballet. John has a special way of pointing out small details that I've simply never noticed in myself as a dancer. Ballerina's are supposed to want to look tall and long.. I am short and not so long. He has given me many pointers on those small details that give the audience's eye the visual of looking longer. This guy knows what he's talking about.

Dirk Dumon - Butoh
The award for the master mind and creative genius goes to this guy. I have already posted about the form of Butoh.. and I have to say that Dirk is a genius in the way he has taught us this style. Dirk has the mindset of the kind of person that I hope to be someday. You can tell that he has really mastered his own mind and he is so wise in finding why things mentally happen the way that they do. One time in Butoh class, I've explained that I was on the floor crying my eyes out at the end of the class.. and even though Dirk doesn't even know me or my situations in my personal life, he was able to point out exactly what was going on for me. I found myself wondering how the heck he knew about what was going on.. it's not like I've told him or anyone else for that matter. Dirk is one wise dude.
Eddy Becquart - Dance Theater

very blurry photo of getting help from Eddy
Here is another very knowledgeable guy! I've never taken a dance theater class before and was unsure what to even expect. In Eddy's class, he based his lessons on teaching us how to get the most out of our relationship with gravity on our own and also with partnering. For the first few classes, I really couldn't grasp the idea that he was trying to teach me.. but finally, it started making sense. Eddy helped me to Realize. that you don't always have to be "the perfect dancer"... perfect lines.. perfect whatever. He helped me find myself and feel comfortable just being who I am and allowing myself to create in ways that I never have before.

Anyway.. these are most of my teachers and a little bit about each of them. :) Thought it would be fun to share!

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  1. samijo!! I loved getting a little message from you on my blog! I some times forget people look at it. You look like you are in some good hands! All those teachers sound amazing. I'm so happy for you. Enjoy it! And keep in touch