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Yesterday - Friday - I had the chance to go to a theme park here in Holland (very close to, if not, inside of) Tilburg, called Efteling. I went with my friends from Finland - Annukka, Kimmo, Pirita.. Annukka's sister, visiting from Germany and her boyfriend.

This was a great bunch to hang out with. Such funny and different personalities, I loved it.

My favorite attractions...
  • De Vliegende Hollander - "A shadowy trip in a mysterious ghost ship."
  • Vogel Rok - "Rollercoaster in the dark."
  • Droomvlucht - "Glide through a dream world." (Annoeska's request)

Tulip season!! Yaa!

I wanna look like this guy

Efteling baby!

I've been to Disney Land and Disney World.. and Six Flags.. and Lagoon.. plenty of times so I knew what to expect when we were talking about going to an amusement park, so it was crazy for me to find out that the people that I went with had never really experienced things like this. Most of them had never even been on a roller coaster! whaat?? This made the whole day even that much more fun for me! It was eye opening for me to see how people who haven't really experienced these things as a kid responded now that they are finally getting the chance. And I gotta say, I'm pretty dang proud of them for getting past their fear of just getting on that roller coaster. haha. I tried to see the park through their eyes instead of thinking.. ah I've been here, done this.. it really made all the difference in my day. Dude things can be so much more lively and entertaining if you look at everything as if it is your first time experiencing it, no matter what the situation. You'd be surprised at how much your senses open and the way that you can truly enjoy things. So, with this being said.. my "inspirational thought" for today, (maybe this is a good one to hear especially before the Easter holiday)... try going a whole day like a child, as if you are using your senses for the first time. Maybe you will get a cool, new experience?

Also.. Happy Easter weekend everybody! This is my very first time not spending the Easter holiday with my family. I'm excited and feel freaking lucky though.. because this weekend, I get to be Samijo Kuppens. The newest addition to the Kuppens family here in Holland for Easter. :) I'll probably blog about what I find Easter is like in their neck of the woods. It is my request that each of you truly enjoy this holiday. Spend each moment with your family as if you'll never see them again. Paint tons of eggs.. and eat a crap load of food, you deserve a nice holiday! Peace out homies..

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