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The LDS church in Breda, The Netherlands.

During my time here in The Netherlands, I decided that I would contact the missionaries of a ward nearby Tilburg, to see where I can attend Sunday meetings and meet new people of my religion. I want to do a quick post in my blog as a tribute to my ward.. my new friends who feel like family. It has been so fun to get to know the people of this ward and I can say that I've really been learning a lot. Not only about what exactly my religion is all about, but also about myself. It's amazing how one aspect in your life can open your eyes in Realizing. how that one aspect effects many other parts in your personal and social life. This place has given me extreme ups and it has also opened my eyes to many downs.. but I want to thank not only the people of the ward but also Heavenly Father. It's safe to say that I wouldn't be able to have made it as far as I have here without the help of a higher being. Whether those who read this believe in a God or not.. I, myself, Realize. more and more every day that I really do have someone next to me in spirit whom I can lean on during great times and also when things plain and simply suck.

Meet.... the Elders.
(don't mind the incredibly awkward photo. haha.. I guess it adds somewhat of an artistic effect... or not.) These are the two missionaries who have helped me with where the heck to go to get to the church.. they've translated for me during church (seeing that it's all in Dutch).. they've given me advice.. and they've met with me a few times just to hang out and make sure I'm doing okay. I can't thank them enough for all they've done.

The missionary on the right side of the photo is Elder Taylor - from Idaho - and the missionary on the left side is Elder Owens - also from Idaho. I want to make a special note to my friend Elder Owens whom I saw for the last time here in The Netherlands (and hopefully not the last time ever) just yesterday because he has finished his two years here and will be arriving home on Friday! Well done dude, you did it! As for you Elder Taylor, I'm glad you will still be my buddy here and I'm excited to meet your new companion the Sunday after Barcelona. Yeah baby, cannot wait for Spain with Annukka and Kimmo!

Over and out blog buddies...
As always... Enjoy!

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