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Who's the host with the

Here's my tribute to good ol' Logan, Utah. Kaley West was quite the host last week! She visited me in Cedar Shmitty. I visited her in Shmlogan... What comes next? Kaley comes to The Shmetherlands!!!! Maybe? Please please PLEASE Papa West!!

This was a great few days. We had our Friends marathon.. Watched a couple movies on Matt Scheidell's heavenly couch.. Late night cones.. I got paid 5 Euro.. Sweet jackets from the Diggity Iggity. Pita Pit.. 5 minutes too late for True Aggie night.. lateness- what else is new with us.. The Poo Me bathroom. hahaha. And my favorite part about hanging out with Kaley is the fact that ever since we were in first grade, we LAUGH at anything and everything. Me and Kaley make eye contact and we start laughing. The "giggle girls". You don't find a best friend like Kaley everyday... This I know for sure. Not only was it great to get out of the house for a bit.. but it was great to reunite with my beat boxin nigggg.

"Can I ask you... what is that big red thing on your forehead?"

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