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Veroorzaak het goede leven.

I've been thinking about my next big adventure all day... Sami meets Holland.

So is it Holland, or The Netherlands...?

Urban dictionary informed me that Holland is in fact a province of The Netherlands.
'I don't live in Holland, I live in The Netherlands'... I guess I need to stop calling it "Holland".

When people ask me what I know about The Netherlands right now.. I say, I hear they've got some crazy cool tulips, windmills, and wooden shoes of course. The internet isn't quite doing it justice with showing me around The Netherlands.. I'm getting too excited and just need to get over there to explore and figure out The Netherlands in person for myself.

For now - Google images is the best I can do. Man, I can't wait to get my own shots of this place. February 3rd.. hurry and be here already.

Side note.
Netherlands adventure goal #1: Find this guy. Ask for a boat ride.. and his phone number.

Tot Ziens.

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