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Loving work...

So while I'm here in Salt Lake, I've been given three amazing part time jobs. Each one is special to me and fetch, I've had so much fun already and have learned a lot in just this first week. Here is a summary of what I do.

Job#1: Cookie Cutters... Receptionist

I know, I know... Kindof ironic that Samijo has a job with kids seeing that I suck at kid watching. hahah Don't get me wrong, the little tykes are adorable.. but most of them scare the begeezies out of me. Could be because they are nearly as tall as I am. I will say though, that this job has actually had me start to like the little guys. Being the receptionist... you do not get a break. Blowing up balloons, answering the endless-ringing phone, ringing customers up, setting/cancelling/starting appointments, sweeping after stylists finish cutting hair, calling the next days customers for an appt. reminder, blowing bubbles for crying kidlets, and playing janitor for the whole store... It's a busy job. It has definitely been a challenge so far, but I don't know about any other job where you get a phone call with a customer saying, "Hey we'll be a bit late for our appointment, my son just got a poopy diaper that will hold us back for a few minutes." haha - 

Job#2:   The Trophy Case

Even though I am pretty useless when it comes to helping customers here at this store... I still get some work done. You'd think that after working here all of my life (family business) that I would know what to do when a customer calls and asks the price for something to be engraved.. Nope, still don't know. I am what you could call the "runner girl". Asking my mom every time I finish a job.. so... what do I do now? haha who are they going to leave the business to when they are old and in diapers? ;) I must say, I do love building a good lookin trophy and being the speedy typer for engraving.

Job#3:    La Europa Academy ... Dance teacher

Soooo freaking blessed to have this job. I've been doing solo dance classes with 4 different girls who attend La Europa Academy (a boarding school for teenaged girls). Ah there is so much talent. I made up my first combination and taught one of the girls the dance.. she picked it right up and looked exactly, if not BETTER than what I imagined! There is nothing like creating a piece, setting it on a dancer, and having her pick it right up and look beautiful dancing it. Giving these girls a personal hour to forget any bad thing going on in life and to just dance, is plain and simply inspiring. Each girl that I've met have such stunning personalities and are amazing to spend time with. It has been a very humbling experience for me so far. I don't like calling it "work". 

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